Don’t Play in the Dirt_Fall2019
In their quest to choke off money laundering, governments are raising the standard for vigilance on the part of professionals

Advice for the New Government_Fall2019
Provincial mortgage broker associations urge the new federal government to act on the following affordability recommendations

What the German Report Got Wrong_Summer2019
Money laundering is a serious hindrance to housing affordability and the functioning of the mortgage industry, so it’s important to get the facts straight

Choosing to Avoid the Storm_Summer2019
New case law and practice points for mortgage practitioners

Swimming With Sharks_Summer2019
Accomplice to mortgage application fraud can sue broker

Enough with the Band-aids_Spring2019
While our governments enact piecemeal solutions to the housing affordability problem, long-term vision is hard to find

Open Banking-CMBA’s View_Spring2019
A submission to the Finance Canada Panel

Getting Back Your Gift_Spring2019
It can pay to make it clear why money is being transferred – particularly when dealing with family members

Shielding from Borrower’s Remorse_Spring2019
Consciously protecting yourself from claims of unconscionability

Undoing Fraudulent Conveyance_Spring2019
Debtors can run, but they can’t hide

Acceptable Foreclosure Sales Prices_Spring2019
What sale efforts are enough?

Subject-to-Financing Clauses_Winter2019
Are you in or out?

A Small Victory on Wage Liens_Winter2019
Thanks to CMBA-BC’s efforts, the British Columbia government does not weaken mortgage security

Required Standard of Care_Winter2019
Sharing application information fully and honestly can avoid sharing in liability

Avoidable Silent Killers_Winter2019
How mortgage defaults trigger limitation periods

Are You Ready for Open Banking_Winter2019
Digital disruption is finally coming to Canada’s financial services sector

Causes and Solutions are Easy to See_Fall2018
Canada’s cities are not the first to suffer housing affordability woes. Why can’t we adopt the successful strategies used around the world?

When Blood Becomes Thinner than Water_Fall2018
Resolving a mortgaging co-owner’s registered interest in a property proves tricky if their intentions are not properly documented

Bank Employees are not Mortgage Brokers_Fall2018
A letter to the Financial Consumer Agency regarding misrepresentation by some mortgage specialists